AnatomyU Mobile App Available in iTunes Store

Attention all fitness buffs, health students, and devoted Yamuna followers:

AnatomyU is the mobile app you’ve been waiting for!

Powered by the BioDigital Human Platform, AnatomyU combines Yamuna’s 35 years of teachings with interactive anatomy visualizations to create a portable, explorable, and educational fitness tool.


To create AnatomyU, we mirrored Yamuna’s trademark exercises with our musculoskeletal model

Our 3D artists highlighted the primary and secondary muscles, and marked each muscle’s origin and insertion for over 75 total exercises (with more to come!). This provides crucial information about the structure and function of the targeted muscles in every movement.

We then animated each exercise to show the direct effects of Yamuna’s Ball Rolling technique on the body.

Use AnatomyU to: 

  1. study Yamuna exercises at your own pace
  2. add or remove muscle layers to understand complex relationships
  3. take screenshots and save images to share with friends
  4. write notes or comments to personalize your experience
  5. enhance your anatomical knowledge by scrolling, zooming, and panning in interactive 3D


AnatomyU is the only app that visualizes the effects of Yamuna’s teachings, and guides the learning of essential anatomy to promote your overall fitness goals.




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