“Movie Magic” Brings the Human to Life


From the cascading wrinkles on The Lord of the Rings trolls to the suction cups and barnacles on Pirates of the Caribbean’s Davy Jones, one tool brings iconic on-screen characters to life.

Zbrush, a 3D modeling, texturing, and painting program, enables artists to create intricate surface details for movies, video games, design, education, scientific illustration, and advertisements. (Check out captivating Zbrush examples here ). Its features simulate molding with virtual clay, making it more intuitive for artists than other 3D creation platforms.

So how do we use Zbrush “movie magic” in the BioDigital Human?

Our 3D artists use Zbrush’s digital sculpting tool and real-life references to create the Human’s realistic facial features.

To mimic skin’s texture and color, our artists used Spotlight and Polypaint in Zbrush to paint details from a photograph onto the model.

Want to learn more about the creation of the BioDigital Human? Stay tuned for exclusive “behind-the-scenes” posts and videos.


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